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Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 CC Motorbike Red

Balal Pursar Pulsar 160CC Purser NS Bajaj in Bagladesh

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                                                    Overview Of Pulsar NS 160 Motorbike

Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 CC motorbike is the highest selling bike in the Indian subcontinent.  It is the last update model bike of Bajaj Company. Pulsar NS comes with advanced technology. Pulsar NS is designed especially for the young biker’s. So it is a sporty and stylish motorbike. Pulsar is a bike that first time gives us a universal flavor as well performance. The pulsar’s series bike is very popular that can create a position in the heart of younger biker. Bajaj continuously changes its model for making it more friendlily to the biker. It is a 160CC bike and also fuel efficiency and less weight that can extreme attract to a biker. So Pulsar NS 160 CC can be best choice for the young bikers. Let’s see details about Pulsar NS 160 Bike.

                                      Pros and cons of Pulsar NS 160 CC Motorbike


The engine is made of DTS-I technology. The Engine of Pulsar NS has contains new 160 CC single cylinders, 4 strokes, c- valve, twin spark, DST-I types engine. This engine is made to taking the beating that a hardcore all day long city commuting has to offer. It has a disk back in front and rare brack is a drum.  Maximum power of an engine is 14PS @ 8000rpm the help to up maximum 110 KPH speed. It has 5 gearboxes and supports only the self start method. Mileage of this bike is 55 Km per litter.


Pulsar is an ideal slandered motor sporty motorbike bike. The length of the bike is 2012 width is 803.5 mm height is 1060 mm and wheelbase is 1363 mm. Total weight is 142 KG. Fuel Capacity of a tank is 12 litter and it has also a 2.4 liters fuel reserve capacity. Font tyre size is 80/100-17 and rear tyre size are 10/90-17.


The Pulsar has 5-speed gearbox. And the ratios of speed box are 3.273, 1.765, 1.238 and 0.958 respectively on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear. This transmission has a wet multi-plate type clutch. The bike is equipped with a heel and toe shifter so you don’t have to worry about your shoes. The final drive is chain and sprockets.


Bajaj Pulsar NS  is a very well sporty Commuter stylish design motorbike. It has no unnecessary weight. This graphics would definitely make a premium bike rider take look.

The motorbike has clear Turn signals lens. It looks very sporty for its black finished alloy wheel. The engine is also finished black along with the exhaust and chrome finished heat shield over it gives it a premium feel. The fuel tank and the well-cushioned, long seat blend together beautifully.

Placed right in the clothes of Pulsar NS200, finding a visible difference takes courage on the new Pulsar. If you are miles away from the automotive terms like discs and drums, chances still exist that you can make a right guess. NS160 has a different engine and hence, the kick can help you decide the model name for the NS motorcycle. The front comes with a familiar headlight, helping it claim the best design among other 160 cc motorcycles of India. No other brand carries such impressive tank shrouds as NS160. Bajaj has even used the dual tone shade scheme as Pulsar NS200 for a wider audience.

Sharing the same components would mean a better stance as one would get a typical 200cc body on a 160cc engine. Smaller tyres look odd on the face of Pulsar NS160 but that may not be a big problem as one could replace them anytime with the ones from NS200. The rear disc brake is replaced by a drum brake and that helps you flaunt the amazing alloy wheel design with much attitude. Price cut takes some things away but getting a good drum brake would even solve the same purpose as a small diameter disc brake.


The tail end of the motorcycle finished perfectly with Pulsar 135 LS inspired panels. The seats are better than before while aluminum number plate holder looks premium for its job. Summing up the design details, I would say that this is the best-naked street fighter in its segment of the Indian market.

The body panel is situated under a seat. The aluminum grab rail looks very sporty and serves well. The ground clearance looks decent for any road condition. The Metro has RED, BLACK, GREEN, ORANGE and WHITE colors.

Switch Gears

Pulsar motorbike has standard switches system. The bike is equipped with gear self-start. This feature definitely helps in traffic and saves fuel as well. There is no engine kill switch.


Suspension The TVS Metro Sport motorbike is furnished with Telescopic forks at the front and 5 step adjustable hydraulic shocks.  This attached with a rectangular swing arm. This suspension setup should be enough for soaking up all the bumps of all kind roads with even a pillion in the back.


Pulsar 160 Ns motorbike can achieve a top speed of around 110Kmph. The bike consumes less fuel but gives maximum performance.  Bajaj claims that the bike can go maximum 55 km per liter petrol or octane under standard condition.

 Comfort and Handling:

 The Pulsar NS is being a commuter bike.  so to design motorbike gives more priority about comfort. The bike is too comfortable. The all day long, wide, well-cushioned seat offers great comfort and space for both rider and pillion. The seating position is upright, so no back pain. The handle grips are made soft so it should feel premium. The handling of the bike should be easy as a result of lightweight and wide steering angle. The turning radius of the bike is claimed 2250 mm. The tires Button type Hi-grip tires should give higher grip and comfort at the same time.


Conclusion: The bike is stylish, comfortable and strong at the same time for its segment. If one is looking for a fuel efficient, lightweight bike stylish and sporty bike. This bike is recommended.




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